About Us

James and I are beyond ecstatic to be your hosts at Two Inlets Resort. We moved to Two Inlets Resort after living in the Twin Cities for the past 13 years where we worked to accumulate various resorting skills without knowing it. We also had our kids, Jameson (9) & Hadley (6) in our sweet St. Paul neighborhood, but knew we needed to get closer to the outdoors for our sake. 

We are entering our sixth season as owners (& entering the seventh season at the resort). We are so appreciative of our guests entrusting us to continue the traditions that have been built here. Our number one goal these past few years was to listen and observe how Two Inlets Resort ticks, how it fills up our guests, and how our guests breathe life into it. In many ways, we heard our guests say that they love that it hasn’t changed since they were young. The traditions and values have always remained. In a world where change is constant, we want to be a refuge of rest, and fun, and a place to reconnect—with yourself and others.

We’ve come to understand what you love so much about Two Inlets—the cabins, sunsets, loons, and so much beauty connecting with the friends and family you bring along. James and I are confident we will keep Two Inlets Resort as one of your favorite places to vacation.

Together James and I want to carry on Two Inlet Resort’s values, ensuring you enjoy coming back year after year just as you always have.

If we haven’t had the opportunity to meet you yet, we’d love to get the chance! 

Thank you,

Kayla & James Daigle,
    Jameson & Hadley

Meet our Team, our Hearts